Résidence Hôtelière Océane

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Résidence Hôtelière Océane

Lomé'de, Benin Büyükelçiliği'ne 3,2 km mesafede yer alan Résidence Hôtelière Océane'de bahçe, bar ve bahçe manzarası mevcuttur. Bu tesiste restoran, 24 saat açık resepsiyon, oda servisi ve ücretsiz Wi-Fi erişimi gibi olanaklar da mevcuttur. Tesis akşam eğlenceleri ve ücretsiz ulaşım servisi sunmaktadır.

Otelin konaklama birimlerinde klima, düz ekran uydu TV ve DVD oynatıcı; özel banyolarda ise bide, saç kurutma makinesi ve ücretsiz banyo malzemeleri bulunmaktadır. Odalarda çalışma masası ve su ısıtıcısı da mevcuttur.

Résidence Hôtelière Océane'de her sabah kontinental kahvaltı servis edilmektedir.

Tesiste teras vardır.

Résidence Hôtelière Océane'de faks ve fotokopi gibi iş olanaklarının yanı sıra ütü hizmeti de sağlanmaktadır.

Otel, Gana Büyükelçiliği'ne 3,2 km, Nijerya Büyükelçiliği'ne ise 3,8 km uzaklıktadır. En yakın havaalanı olan Lomé-Tokoin Havaalanı, Résidence Hôtelière Océane'a 5 km mesafededir.



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  • Klima
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  • Oda servisi


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  • Fransızca


Müşteri görüşleri

Ranti France 15 Ağustos 2021 Pazar 9 /10

Bu müşteri bir yorum yapmadı.

Harris United States 24 Temmuz 2021 Cumartesi 10 /10

Fantastic stay. Very welcoming

Lalla United States 14 Temmuz 2021 Çarşamba 9 /10

Bu müşteri bir yorum yapmadı.

Deepak India 29 Aralık 2020 Salı 8 /10

Bu müşteri bir yorum yapmadı.

Zebulix Germany 12 Aralık 2020 Cumartesi 8 /10


Alexander Germany 15 Kasım 2020 Pazar 9 /10

It has been a wonderful stay! We felt like at home thanks to the lovely team. 100% recommendation!!!

Anonymous Portugal 15 Kasım 2020 Pazar 9 /10

Quirky and homely hotel which is faultless in its service and very friendly staff.

Lonnie United States 14 Ocak 2020 Salı 9 /10

Bu müşteri bir yorum yapmadı.

Darlene United States 7 Ocak 2020 Salı 10 /10

Breakfast was excellent, location was fabulous, staff very helpful and friendly. The design of the hotel was very homey and my room was huge.great hot water, quiet atmosphere and Safe

Raphael Germany 19 Aralık 2019 Perşembe 10 /10

Bu müşteri bir yorum yapmadı.

Satish India 9 Ekim 2019 Çarşamba 9.6 /10

Though situated in a busy street, the ambiance inside is so nice and warm. The rooms are spacious, looking out into a patio. Rooms are spic and span. The staff is extremely helpful and gracious. The breakfast is very good and the restaurant has a good menu to choose from . The airport pick-up is an added bonus !

Mette Denmark 2 Ekim 2019 Çarşamba 9.2 /10

I liked working in the common area of the hotel. The wifi was good and the surrounding peaceful and nice. The restaurant staff were really helpful and the food was good for both dinner and breakfast.

Tarek Italy 2 Ekim 2019 Çarşamba 10 /10

It was exceptional on several levels. The castle-like courtyard, maybe a bit cheesy in other contexts but providing a God-sent oasis of calm in a hectic part of town. The size and amenities of the room, the fruit basket, incredibly confortable feather pillows, the staff, the owner, a great guy, sharing stories behind a mighty bar with some proper French cuisine. Finally, the central position, allowing short walking visits to most of Lome’s landmarks. Might go back to Lome just to stay again in this place.

Andreas Austria 4 Eylül 2019 Çarşamba 7.9 /10

Bu müşteri bir yorum yapmadı.

Julian China 27 Ağustos 2019 Salı 9.2 /10

good location to beach/grand market/N1 road back to Ouaga; very kind and knowledgeable staff; classic and delicate internal design; independent and fast wi-fi; well-equipped furniture; comfortable bed and sofa

Kunitoshi United Arab Emirates 11 Ağustos 2019 Pazar 10 /10

Bu müşteri bir yorum yapmadı.

Sylvia United States 10 Haziran 2019 Pazartesi 7.5 /10

The staff, Nimota and Mariette, were outstanding in assisting us. Another member took us to where we wanted to because couldn't understand the directions they trying to give us. We don't speak French.

Bulut Germany 25 Mayıs 2019 Cumartesi 9.2 /10

The stuff was helpful. Location was central. Pancakes in breakfast is a must.

Pieter Netherlands 30 Nisan 2019 Salı 9.6 /10

I liked the fine architecture of the hotel most. But it is also right in the centre of Lomé, close to the markets and the cathedral (1902), on walking distance from the beach and even not very far from the Ghanese boarder. Breakfast and the restaurant are very good. Dinner is perhaps more expensive than on the restaurants in Lomé (but there are hardly any restaurants), but it is still more unexpensive rhan in Europe. And the service in the restaurant is very good.

Wandering North Vancouver 5 /5

The hotel is unusual in its decor. It has a mix of European and African touches with all sorts of nooks and crannies. I really liked it. I had a suite, which I didn't need, but enjoyed. Great wifi and AC. Very clean. The staff were tremendously helpful and very sweet, despite my poor French. Good breakfast. I liked having the bar in the building for a bite to eat and a drink at night. It is also in a very good location; easy to find and walking distance to everything.My only criticisms would be the rock hard mattress in my room (and i am not fussy about these things). I slept instead on the sofa. Also the shower in my room did not work. A small trickle of water came out of the faucet, but it was not enough to power the shower nozzle. Neither of these things bothered me enough to complain. I would definitely stay there again and recommend it.

Molliebclyde Minneapolis 4 /5

This is why it’s great staying at small, non-chain local hotels. This hotel is run with pride and they treat guests like friends. Oh sure, the rooms may be a bit dated, but they’re clean and comfortable. This is certainly one of more unique hotels I’ve stayed at: the décor is not like anything you’ve seen before! The restaurant served great food, and the breakfast was hearty, and the bar served snacks and was a very cozy place to hang out in the evenings. Thanks again to the staff for looking out for me and providing a very positive experience in Lome.

Shimnik Delft 5 /5

(+) I would highly recommend to stay in the residence Hôtelière Océane. First of all, I wanted to have a visa to be ready before coming to Togo. In order to do so, the Togolese consulate requested an official confirmation from a hotel, where I stay that I actually reserved something in Togo. I received the requested confirmation within a few days. I was also offered an airport pick up for free but traveled by land, therefore declined it. The hotel is located more or less in the city center. It is in the walking distance to all more or less interesting sights in Lomé. I liked the interior design of the hotel. It is pretty unusual. You can get to the rooftop and see the capital from above. If you like Belgian beers, you can order a few types in the restaurant. The price is similar to European hotels. My room 60 had even a safe box, which is usually not available in the African mid-range hotels. Very nice soap but would be great to have a shampoo. You can pay vith a Visa credit card or in cash (euro or CFA).(-) The hotel has a restaurant but the prices for dishes are a bit steep. The breakfast is for free but can be improved. You can get an omelette, 2 local croissants, a baguette and butter and jam. Coffee was unfortunately instant.

Dan M Australia 5 /5

I cane to Lomé for one day only as part of an African holiday. I was fascinated by the fetish market. I chose the hotel because it looked quirky and interesting and it most certainly was. My room had a palatial bathroom attached to a large room with fast wifi and good aircon. The food was excellent: I didn’t expect to get great croissants in west Africa but I did.The hotel’s owner is a very friendly French man. I understand he has Togolaise citizenship - I only wish I spoke French so I could have learned his story.Hotel arranged free airport pickup and I negotiated with the gent to take me on a tour of the city. Highly recommend the hotel to compliment a quirky stay over in this delightful part of the world. Cheers.

meggimee Singapore 4 /5

We arrived in a "double storey" suite which we booked 1 hour before at the airport. And never never regret it. The open central courtyard is a hidden sanctuary away from the bustled city street. The entrance to the hotel might be small, but it will keep strangers away as they have a guard outside. Taking taxi is easy as the guard will help you. The room has very spacious living area and dining table with microwave if you need to heat up food. Definitely a big family of 4 could use this area well. AC is good during the hot afternoon, as they are not many windows you could open. The bedroom is spacious &amp; bathroom toilet has cute little homemade soaps to make your smile. It has good shower with heated water if you need. Even a beautiful open rack to hang your clothes. We had breakfast in the huge quaint looking dining area. As we were the only diners, the AC was not turned on. It's a bit warm as we waited for the bread and omelet. As there's no open window, the heat is trapped indoor. The design of the this building is unusual but interesting. Overall, I would say, I will visit again! Thanks for a comfortable bed!

Dan8319 Ludwigsburg 5 /5

A beautiful house, clean bathrooms, hot showers, soft beds, fridge, very good air-conditioning.There is a good restaurant.Staff is really nice and polite. The owner takes care of absolutely everything you need. He is friendly, helpful, approachable, reliable.The hotel is located in the middle of supermarkets, banks and the grand market.Can't do better in Lomé!

Ricky_Payaso Roses 5 /5

Had a fantastic stay at the residence Oceane in Lome. The rooms are very nice and big. The staff friendly and Mr Philippe and Mrs Fabienne are great hosts. Oh and the restaurant is amazing. Try the scallops with green pepper. 5 stars

onideman Sacramento 4 /5

I booked a room in this hotel after reading the reviews of other travelers. The hotel is far from the airport but it is easy to get there. They provide an shuttle upon arrival. However, I had to take a cab on the check-out day to go to the airport. I paid 3000 F, which was not expensive. The room I stay in was nice: spacious, with coffee maker, AC, and good bed. The owners live on the property and are very helpful. Will certainly stay here next time I am in Lome.

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2018 Certifs
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Tesis çevresi

Restoranlar ve kafeler

  • les 3 Lys (Restoran)
  • Mini Brasserie (Kafe/bar)

Doğal güzellik

  • mer (Deniz/okyanus)
  • vodrafor (Göl) 5 km
  • kpalimé (Dağ) 10 km

En yakın havaalanları

  • Lomé-Tokoin Havaalanı 5,4 km


Résidence Hôtelière Océane

42 rue de la gare, Lomé, Togo
Seyyar :  + 228 90 05 71 29
Telefon numarası :  +228 90 05 71 29
Boylam : 1.22196944
Enlem : 6.12824848
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